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feldman who was a giants' ball dude over the weekend will be with us next. >> i'm dave feldman, after getting dominated by the bruins they turned the tables and dominated the bruins. they were due for a nail biter. that is what they got. the giants opening up a three-game set with these guys. giants down, one on for posey. homers off of hernandez, it's the equalizer. we are tied at 4. posey's second home run of the season. one on for brandon belt, who lines to left center. the game winner, and belt is your hero. 5-4 and a walk off skoon couldn't. -- walk off scenario. >> i want to be ready to hit the ball. whatever i have to do to get ready. i have worked on it all day. we we don't give up. it makes us a special team. it's a lot of fun coming out and playing baseball with these guys every day. that is what helps us come back sometimes. >> a's at boston, it was 42 degrees at first pitch. that is cold. bottom 5, red sox up 4-3. and napoli hits a grand slam off of griffin. now we are top eight. a's down 3-2. eric sogard. hits it deep. really deep. but not deep enough. a's lose the fourth
bundles. rethink possible. >>> hi, everybody. i'm dave feldman. the giants open with the d'backs reeling after they swept the padres in san diego. it's a showdown with the snakes in the desert. would the losing streak finally come to an end? matt cain on the bump, seeking his first win of the season. it's 4-3, d'backs. top 8, tied 4-4. based loaded. two outs, branden belt up the middle. giants win 6-4. they snap their five-game losing skid. >> they come in with the same attitude. today was no different. >> as and angels starting in the three-game series in oakland. top seven. wow. fourth of the year, 7462, angels. 2 on for josh donaldson. two runs score. as cut it to 7-5. cocoa crisp is your equalizer. we're tied at 7. we're still tied at 7. we're in the 12th inning. tomorrow, the warriors back in action. they lead four games to one. i'm dave feldman, dave and jess back with more of the news right now. >>> there's a new weapon in the fight against drug-resis tent super bugs. frost. it's the first hospital to disinfect patient rooms using ultraviolet light. tests show the light in the rob
this fall to benefit cancer patients. pretty incredible. we're back in a moment with dave feldman. stay with us. >>> hi, i'm dave feldman. tomorrow, the defending world champions make their at&t park season debut. the st. louis cardinals come to town and the giants will be celebrated. the world champions will get a lot of applause. they'll look a lot like this. the home opener in 2011 after the first world series championship flag walked out, by the way, by willie maiz. the 2012 edition will be flying soon. as and mariners getting under way. bottom 1, josh reddick. his first hit of the season is a good one. oakland up 4-2 in the sixth. 1-0 -- there was one on, it was 6-2, as. play of the day might have been from a fan, though. look at this guy. bare handing it and keeping his beer. he's got a flannel shirt on over an as shirt. as win it 6-2. >>> 49ers 2013 pre-season schedule is released. and it got a nice little surprise in it. a match-up with one alex smith. that match-up with the kansas city chiefs will take place in mid august. the rest of the schedule includes dates with the denve
soon. >>> we're back in a moment with the a's and giants results and highlights. >>> i'm dave feldman. giants and dodgers and baumgartner on the hill again. ellis see you swinging. eight shutout innings. top seven, baumgartner dumps it off the middle and two score. giants are victorious 3-0, the final. >>> there is adrenaline there early on. just trying to get out here in this series. it's fun to play the dodgers here at our place. it's always, you know, fun to watch. when i'm out there pitching i try not to think about it all. i feel like you do better if you're out there and not trying to think about mechanics and just getting the ball where you need to put it. >>> mariners and a's. and melvin insanity. cespedes, good-bye. the a's first run of the season. top three now, michael morse three run home run off jared parker. and the a's fall 7-1 is the final. >>> the 31-year-old returns to the bay area where he spent his college career at cal and eight seasons with the raiders. he spent the last two seasons with the eagles. >>> ryane clowe has been traded to the new york rangers. he is 3
caught up with the guys and threat player dues the talking. >>> i'm dave feldman. you don't have to be james mason to know something special is going on at 56 and hegenberger. warriors took a lead over the denver nuggets. stef curry did play. when it was over there was a confetti celebration at the oracle arena. one the fans took part in, the players took part in and will try to duplicate it sunday. the vet keeps it in perspective. >> can't get too high, can't get too low. it was cool for what it was last night but that's over and done with. we're back to business as usual, you know, focus on sunday. >> it's too early to put them away. we have too much respect for them. a heck of a team. it's about winning the next one. and that's our mind-set. >> curry has been electric and at 6:00 our henry willford joins us for a report on his ankle. it's not all good news. for the 49ers they made what most call the splash of the day in the nfl draft because they drafted running back marcus lattimore out of south carolina. he made headlines when he suffered a devastating knee injury and he is
. >>> hi everybody, i'm dave feldman in the comcast sports news room. you don't have to be a historian to know that warriors are starved for a win, it has been six years since they went to the playoffs. warriors lead the nuggets, 2-1 in the best of the series. curry played on a sore ankle. in game three, they scored 29 points. when it was over, there was a celebration in oracle. all right put it in perspective. >> can't get too high or low. it was cool for what it was last night. but it is over and done with. you know, we're back to business as usual, you know, focus on sunday. >> it is too early to talk and put them away. we have too much respect for them. they're a heck of a team. it is about winning the next one. and that is our mind set. >> all right, from the hard wood to the ice, last game of the regular season, sharks and kings, logan couture splits the defense, tied at 1. third period, kings up, 2-1, great puck, finds justin williams, they go on to win, 3-2. the sharks will travel to vancouver for your round one of stanley cup playoffs. giants and padres, hunter pence, a 1-run
, there's damian trajillo helping out. >> i'm looking for diane, terry, and dave feldman. i don't see any of them. >> dave, why don't you take it from there? >> i don't know where to go with that. >> they're working. >> giants with early highlights. 49ers make a splash in the nfl draft. plus theors are doing things a lot of people didn't think they could do. although the nuggets know. an >>> i'm david feldman in the comcast sports room. some people argue whether this a giants town or 49ers town. warriors don't like it. they beat denver. i'm not sure there was a better place to be in all the bay area than oracle last night. it was hopping. steph curry was there. he played bad ankle and all, scored a team high 29 points. the fans enjoyed an atmosphere th hadn't experienced in six years. henry was at warriors practice today and filed this report. >> reporter: t music was loud and there was a huge celebration inside oracle arena friday night. but after taking a 2-1 game lead over the nuggets, the warriors say this party is far from being over. >> it's 2-1. it's too early to put the. we have t
at safeway. ingredients for life. >>> hi, everybody. i'm dave feldman in the comcast sportsnet newsroom. the warriors playing their final regular season game at oracle arena tonight. and needing a win to have a chance at the number six seed. in the first round of the western conference playoffs. here we go from oracle. a moment of silence, prior to the game. warriors, up a dozen in the fourth. steph curry, three from the top of the arc. then, curry hits his seventh of the night. two away from breaking the single-season three-point record. warriors win 116-106. houston lost, meaning if the warriors win wednesday, they'll secure the six seed. >>> a's hosting the astros. jackie robinson day around major league baseball. and a moment of silence was held before this game in remembrance of the victims today. in the explosion by the boston marathon. bottom one, two on for nate fryman. homers deep to left off erik bedard. his first career homer. a's win 11-2. >>> sharks at the coyotes. scoreless in the second. jason moore's shot. but logan couture scores on the rebound. sharks up 2-0 late in th
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8